Platform: MultiWii PRO - Atmega2560 

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Required Software

  1. Arduino IDE (Windows) Download

  2. GUI (Windows) Download



  1. UTM Quadcopter Kong Wai Weng.pdf

  2. Colorado State University Quadcopter.pdf



  1. Introduction to Quadcopter (Materials and Structure) [Monday, 25/02/13]

  2. Flight Control Board and Motors [Wednesday, 06/03/13]

  3. Quadcopter Project (Built for Axus Enterprise)  [Saturday, 23/03/13]


Source Code, Data Sheet and Circuit Diagrams 

  1. MultiWii

  2. MultiWii(2)

  3. Circuit Diagrams and All Supporting Materials


Quadcopter using Arduino

This quadcopter is developed using MultiWii 2.0 controller board ? The microcontroller is ATMEGA2560 from Atmel. It is pre-loaded with the MultiWii V2.1 software. This quadcopter is built for Axus Enterprise.


  1. Quadcopter Materials and Structure [Assignment 1]

  2. Flight Control and Sensors [Assignment 2]