Our Impact

 Making STEM the "in" thing for Students

As a previous student in the science stream and later becoming a Professional Technologist and Engineer, it has always been my dream to invent and innovate. With IR 4.0 and Artificial Intelligence on the rise, it is crucial for the country to instill students with interest to make STEM as their career.
However, the number of students taking up STEM subjects has been declining which shows the ratio of science classes compared to art classes is one to five. This ratio indicates that Malaysia needs progressive steps to increase the number of students in taking STEM subjects.
As highlighted in   Malaysia   Educational   Blueprint   2013-2025,    the    government   projected   60:40   ratio   of Science/Technical : Arts.  However,  the  target  was  not  achieved.  In  2014  only  45%  of  the  students taking science stream, technical and vocational subject in their studies. Most of the students choose not to do science in upper secondary school and the percentage is increased to 15%. This proved that there is a declining number of students who enrolled in STEM subject as reported in MEB 2013-2025 (Wave  1)  report.   

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Our Initiative

We are holding classes ranging from robotics to app development from Primary until Tertiary (University) Students.
For university students, we also open opportunities for our internship program which is like no other. Once you undergo our internship program, you'll learn and design system from scratch and learn how to code. Besides the technical skills you would acquire, we test your soft skills as you will be communicate with our client directly. Here, we would have a place to create, innovate and unleash your potential as a future tech expert and technopreneur. 
We have also lend a helping hand by providing a solutions and payment platform for Knights Covid-19 Donation Drive as we are firm believers of the "Givers Gain" philosophy. The more you give, the more you receive.

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Our Mission

We want to make STEM great again for students and to support them to become tech experts and technopreneurs. What we aim through our classes and programs are as the following
1) 10 primary students will understand the basics of robotics
2) 10 secondary students will launch apps in 1 year
3) 5 university students would be technopreneurs in 2 years
4) 1 university graduate becomes an employer