Farbeat Solutions (002281544-K) is registered with the Registrar of Business (ROB) since 1 December 2012. Previously, it was an extension the Depitome Enterprise's Technology Division formed in November 2011.


As technology is on the rise, we initialize the idea to let this company stand on its own. We take pride in portraying the duality of engineering and technology.

Taking pride of the duality of

engineering and technology


Founder's Profile

Farr Depitome is an engineering graduate from UPM, Serdang. She studied BEng (Hons) in Computer and Communications Systems. She started this business through her passion in engineering and technology as she received various opportunies from participating in international competitions and writing a conference paper with her fellow colleagues during her undergraduate years and given the opportunity to travel abroad every year hence having broader views of the state-of-the-art technology.


She's currently working as Senior Engineer in MRT Corp Sdn. Bhd. and pursuing her MEng. in Communication and Computer in UKM, Bangi and her work still requires her to travel. Previously, she was a Design Engineer (Software) in Sony R&D Centre KL Tec as  To be frank, Farbeat Solutions is not your average engineering or IT company. This company promotes the nature of being more human by providing solutions through technology. We plan to not be rigid by encouraging ideas and developing design from freelancers/part-timers and we operate in a creative hub GRID SS15 which make us more human.